The Process

There is a 3 step process to achieving net zero emissions for your advertising and media strategy.

Step 1: Baseline measurement & analysis
Step 2: Ongoing measurement, analysis and emissions minimisation
Step 3: Offsetting

Establish Baseline

We work with you to establish the scope of advertising & marketing programs to be measured, including consultation with your upstream partners and suppliers. We then collect, collate, cleanse, format & analyse data for the last 12 months of advertising/media activity.From this data we produce a Baseline Report,quantifying in detail the emissions produced by brand, geography, media type, channel, format and period. The Baseline Report also includes high level recommendations for reducing emissions.

Ongoing Measurement and Analysis

We transpose granular data sets produced in the Baseline Report into our purpose built reporting platform, and augment it with regular updates based on recent and/or planned advertising/media activity. This includes dashboard reporting, trend & segment analysis and variance analysis (actual versus targets).


We provide access to a turn-key marketplace of Australian based, Climate Active approved CO2
offset providers. Fully transparent marketplace allows you to &
nominate any combination of known, accredited offset providers. All advertising
campaigns offset in advance qualify to use the
Net Zero Media seal.

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